Iowa STAR – 2023 Field Form

2023 Crop Year
(Defined as after harvest in 2022 through the harvest of 2023)

STAR Field Form





Please review these instructions.  Accurate responses will help ensure your field is awarded the correct points.

  • Read every item under each category.  More than one selection is possible, but sometimes no items will be selected.
    • Example:  From the Cover Crops section – You planted a cover crop mix of cereal rye and tillage radish.  You select “Winter hardy – single species” and “Non-winter hardy – single species.”
  • Completely read each statement.  Several statements have more than one qualifier that needs to be met.
    • Example:  From the Spring Tillage section – “Any full width operation, limited to a single pass, where no fall tillage was performed.”

SECTION 1: First, tell us about your cover crops, soil sampling, and nutrient management.

Cover Crops (Summer 2021 – Fall 2021) - Established growth must exceed 4 inches in height. Crop will not be harvested for grain.
Soil Sampling (Use the previous 5-year history) Sample results must include organic matter content
Nutrient Management (Fall 2021 – February 2022)
Nutrient Management (March 1, 2021– Summer 2022)
Additional Nutrient Activities

SECTION 2: Now, let’s establish a crop history for this field.

Enter the crop name then select each year to indicate the crop history of this individual field.